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The Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Here are in my honest opinion the best ways to make money online. The results are based on how much work is involved and the amount of money in the long run. So here we have it in ascending order.

1. Set up an online business- Setting up an online business costs money and a lot of time especially if you are selling tangible goods (not digital goods) having stock and making sure that you send orders ect. Out on time is a lot of hassle.

2. Selling on ebay – I personally hate ebay from a sellers point of view, they treat you like dirt and expect you to sell your own stuff in order to make them more money than they could possibly need and rip you off in the process. This should actually fall under the same category as ‘Set up an online business’ but since you don’t really need your own website and therefore a lot less skill is needed to make money.

3. Set up an advert revenue based site or sites – This can be a good money maker and If you already have a website that generates some traffic you should already be doing this but since it doesn’t really make you a fortune in the long run then you might only want to have this as a side dish to your affiliates on your site or even CPA

4. Have a website that is geared or CPA and Affiliate Marketing- This is practically the only way nowadays to make any money online and if you do it properly you should be able to quit your job in a year or less. I recommend this one unless you have the moral flexibility and the know how to do number.

5. Black Hat – [drum roll] Black hat is the way to go on the internet if you have little or no start up money and no credit card, black hat is a dream come true! I remember my first day E- Whoring…. Thinking it was gross until I seen how much money I made in a few hours ahhh brings me back. Not just E-whoring mind you, the other black hat techniques will definitely make you some serious cash! The Youtube method that I posted here earlier is making me around $300 per day on average! Something that I would defiantly not be able to achieve even if I had all four of the above going smoothly

So there you have it! Stop reading stuff on my blog and go get rich!


What is Black Hat?

Black hat is basically any sort of tactic that one might use on the Internet to make money that is shady in anyway.

E-Whoring is a prime example as it is basically conning some poor guy into thinking that he has found himself a lady friend on the net only to find that it was someone trying to get him to sign up to their affiliate program with a dating agency or click his Google adsense adverts.


Other forms of Blackhat techniques include.

CPA scams – These are basically making people input their information into a form that earns you money every time someone enters their email address and zip code for example; You could provide a link on a forum to this weeks episode of South Park saying “Watch south park new episode online!” Then when the person clicks the link a message box comes up saying “You must complete a survey in order to watch this video”…..You get paid they get angry

BlackHat SEO – This is using shady techniques in order to get yourself a high rank on Google or Yahoo. By including certain keywords in your webpage or using malicious software in order to make your site look like it is getting hundreds of blacklinks from all over the web.

There are many forms of BlackHat Tactics that I will be discussing here on so be sure to check out the E-Whoring section if you have not already


Make $10 per hour E – Whoring

Ok first you are going to have to  make a blog on Now so that you do not get banned from google for life you are going to have to have at least 100 views a day to that blog but the best part is that your blog can be about literally anything you are just trying to convince gullible guys to click your google adds. You need to be wary of your click through rate being too high though so try to get as much traffic to your blog as possible before attempting this.

Now all you need to do is closely follow these steps! This is incredibly simple and believe it or not this really works. Again the only cost is the time it takes to do but if you do it for 5 hours a day you would make around $350 per week which is not bad by anyone’s standards.

  • Go into chat room with a name like Sexxibabe
  • And type this in….. “Any hot guys want to chat, I need help :)
  • Once you start getting private messages tell them your in school and you need their help to test one of your ADS, simply ask them to click one.
  • Almost %50 of the time they will, I have gotten up to $2.37 a click before. usually never under .50
  • Enjoy making hundreds of dollars with this method


An example of a perfect chat E – Whoring session

This is a perfect example of how to E – Whore someone into signing up to a dating site without even having a microphone

[14:43] namechanged: hi
[14:47] naughtyashley86: hey babe
[14:47] naughtyashley86: whats up?
[14:47] namechanged: not much you i had to say i thought you were amazing
[14:48] naughtyashley86: thanks
[14:48] naughtyashley86: i am just chattin with u
[14:49] namechanged: having a good day
[14:49] naughtyashley86: yeah so far
[14:49] naughtyashley86: are u?
[14:49] namechanged: yea so far
[14:50] naughtyashley86: cool
[14:50] naughtyashley86: where did u see my pics?
[14:50] namechanged: yahoo 360
[14:50] naughtyashley86: cool, u think i am sexy?
[14:51] namechanged: i do
[14:51] naughtyashley86: sweet
[14:51] naughtyashley86: did u notice on my 360 page that i do sexxxy cam shows?
[14:51] namechanged: i didnt i lost the page
[14:52] namechanged: cams huh?
[14:52] namechanged: how much
[14:53] naughtyashley86: its $25 and I can get u get an extra $25 in free credits too
[14:53] naughtyashley86: so u get 2 shows
[14:54] namechanged: credit card?
[14:55] naughtyashley86: or debit
[14:55] namechanged: how long a show?
[14:55] naughtyashley86: u get 40 mins cam time
[14:55] naughtyashley86: u dont have to use it all at once
[14:55] naughtyashley86: u start and stop the cam when u want
[14:56] namechanged: i was always kinda scared to my card number you know
[14:56] naughtyashley86: yeah i understand
[14:56] naughtyashley86: u dont give it to me or the cam site tho
[14:57] naughtyashley86: u process ur payment through a payment processor called CC Bill
[14:57] namechanged: safe?
[14:57] naughtyashley86: they are safe and secure
[14:57] naughtyashley86: they process for a lot of major companies
[14:57] naughtyashley86: they give u a subscription number when ur credit is approved
[14:58] namechanged: to see you i might have to
[14:58] namechanged: you look amazing
[14:59] naughtyashley86: thank u
[14:59] naughtyashley86: imagine seeing me on cam doing anything u want
[14:59] naughtyashley86:
[14:59] namechanged: lol ur killing me
[15:00] naughtyashley86: oh baby u can only imagine what i want to do to u
[15:00] namechanged: so how do i get to your site
[15:01] naughtyashley86: here is my link
[15:01] naughtyashley86: (Link:
[15:01] naughtyashley86: u just get a user name there, it needs letters and a number in it
[15:02] naughtyashley86: let me know when u have a user name
[15:02] naughtyashley86: so i can guide u in and show u how to get that $25 special
[15:03] namechanged: ill let u know
[15:03] naughtyashley86: k
[15:06] naughtyashley86: did u get ur user name ok?
[15:06] namechanged: prosseing
[15:06] naughtyashley86: k
[15:07] namechanged: now
[15:08] naughtyashley86: ok,now u just click at the top where it says “buy xxx credit”
[15:08] naughtyashley86: look at the last line on the left side of that page
[15:08] naughtyashley86: it says “For additional pricing options….”
[15:08] naughtyashley86: that will get u the extra $25 in free credits
[15:10] naughtyashley86: soon as u have ur subscription number i can link u up to my cam
[15:10] naughtyashley86: do u want me to start out naked, nearly naked or surprise you?
[15:11] namechanged: naked lol
[15:11] naughtyashley86: mmmm
[15:11] namechanged: i wont get charged any more right?
[15:11] naughtyashley86: right
[15:12] namechanged: k brb
[15:16] namechanged: ready
[15:16] naughtyashley86: ok, just need ur subscription number
[15:17] namechanged: 0000000000
[15:17] naughtyashley86: http://camlink
[15:17] naughtyashley86: that link should bring u right to my cam room

Tomorrow I will show you how to use a similar method that could easily bring you in over $10 in Google adsense revenue an hour


E -Whoring, The Chat Method

Sign up for Yahoo and create a female screen name… go to a chat room and you’ll automatically get IMs (assuming it’s a feminine name), otherwise just type that you want to chat and you’ll get plenty of guys wanting to talk to you

Tell all the people on IM that you would love to chat with them on messenger. When they IM you there, you can talk with them. Use the AV Voice Changer to give yourself a female voice (provided you have a microphone).

They will then beg for a picture of you if you start getting dirty with them. Tell them that due to US regulations or whatnot, that you need to do age verification. You can then either IM them the affiliate link from the dating agency you are trying to promote using a URL redirector or point them to your web page (

Tell them that they’ll get a code after they fill it out which they’ll need to give you for age verification purposes. Anyway, you barely need to use your imagination. It’s pretty easy to get these guys hooked and in.

The only cost associated with this is time. I will post a method of this without even using a microphone tomorrow


E – Whoring

What is E – Whoring you say?

Well its basically taking advantage of horny men on the Internet by posting adverts or engaging in online and getting them to sign up to your affiliate link. This is known as a Black Hat technique because it is requires a slight moral flexibility that some people cannot condone. Nevertheless I will show you the basic principles and tomorrow I will show you how to pull it off using a chat room or a free advert site such as craigslist or gumtree.

What you are going to want to do is get some guy to sign up to an affiliate of yours, that happens to be a dating website. You will have a referral link from that site that will pay you around $2.50 per ‘free’ member that you sign up and around $75 dollars for every member that has paid for their account.

While you don’t technically need a website for this it does help to have a free blog at blogger but its not completely necessary. What you do need though is an affiliate dating site to sign members up to! So head on over to and sign up for an account.

Next you will need to set up a free email account with a girls name like

I recommend that you use a gmail account and that you also pick a girls name as it is a lot easier to get girls to sign up through your affiliate link.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see the first method of implementing this technique